Fundamental Optimism

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A spirit of optimism is as fundamental to game development as coding skill and dynamic world creation.

Our multi-state team continues to pour itself into the next, expansive Last Dream installation. At times, the lengthy development phase can feel lightly sprinkled with rewards, and thus we crane our collective necks to catch a vision of the distant horizon: the far off day when we launch a polished version of Last Dream 2.

For now, you can play Last Dream and Last Dream: World Unknown on Steam!

We are thrilled to have graphic artists crafting brilliant new art for us, programmers redesigning our menu layouts for more intuitive gameplay, writers pondering highly distinctive NPC cultures, and so much more.

Our supportive fans praised our first two offerings, and we are propelled forward in the hopes players once again experience Last Dream 2 as deeply immersive and uniquely satisfying as LD1 and LDWU.

Thanks, as always, to each person who has taken an interest in the Last Dream series.

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