Godot v4.1 migration

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Godot v4.1 migration

During our development pause in preparation for the tournament, Godot v4.1 was released. Since it brings many major improvements, we will be migrating Last Dream Fishing Arcade and Last Dream II to the new version of the Godot Engine.

Although there is a conversion tool, the migration requires a significant amount of effort since many of the Godot v4.1 changes cannot be easily converted. To give an example, the Location Menu from the Last Dream Fishing Arcade is shown below:

As you can see, some of the font sizes have been lost, some of the tilemaps have broken, and the container sizes have changed as a result. We’re currently working our way through screen-by-screen to fix these issues in the Last Dream Fishing Arcade. For Last Dream II, we are planning to explore our own conversion tool to ease the migration.

Thus far, we’ve migrated the first three screens of the Last Dream Fishing Arcade (the splash screen, the title screen, and the game options selection screen).