Last Dream Development Party!

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Banners and balloons, wine and kabobs – White Giant RPG Studios held a development party for its inaugural game on September 20, 2012. The fanfare culminated in an all day and night (until 7am) speed-run tournament between the company founders, game testers, and supporters. Although the head programmer, Dr. Mandrew, was heavily handicapped by competing in “Hard” mode, he pulled off 1st place in 14.75 hours. Dr. Chris, who made considerable contributions to the mathematics behind the Advanced Strategy Guide, finished 2nd in 15.08 hours on “Easy” mode. Mr. Cope and I came in 3rd and 4th, respectively, on “Normal” mode, and Dr. Strand (“Easy”) and Mr. Toman (“Very Easy”) rounded out 5th and 6th. Admittedly, 16.25 hours was not enough time for me to complete the last mega-dungeon, while Mr. Cope clocked-in at 15.58 hours. Here’s to the winners and to the completion of Last Dream!