Last Dream Fishing Arcade – Prototype v3

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We’re continuing to polish and improve the Last Dream Fishing Arcade which we plan to include both as a mini-game in Last Dream II, but also as a standalone title. Some of the recent improvements include:

  • Improving environment and fish art
  • Adding fishing shadows until you’ve caught a particular type of fish
  • Added fishing overdrives that allow you to build up “Overdrive Points” and then use them to more easily catch powerful fish.
  • All fish tiers (rather than just the first tier) are now spawned.
  • Refined mechanics to improve play/feel of fishing
  • Added achievements based on catching all fish in a tier, getting fishing equipment upgrades, and earning a specific number of fishing points

What we’re working on next is:

  • The Last Dream Fishing Arcade title screen
  • Game Options menu (with selectable difficulty)
  • Character selection menu with each character having unique fishing strengths and weaknesses as well as unique overdrives
  • Selectable fishing locations
  • Varying weather conditions and day / night variations

Have your own suggestions for the Fishing Arcade? Please let us know in the comments!