Last Dream – Fishing Arcade – Prototype v4

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We’re continuing our work on the Last Dream Fishing Arcade and we’ve made substantial progress over the last week. Some of the major improvements that we’ve made are:

1) Unique difficulty levels from Easy to Hard as well as two unlockable difficulty levels for those that want an extra challenge.

2) Select any of the 12 Last Dream II characters, each of whom has different attributes for a unique fishing experience.

3) Select from 14 different fishing locations, each with unique music and combination of fish type (Saltwater or Freshwater) and weather conditions.

4) Auto-saving capabilities after catching any fish. We will soon expand this to auto-save after any action that has a non-negligible outcome (e.g. upgrading fishing equipment, using an overdrive, etc.).

What we plan to tackle next are:

1) Major improvements to all of the Fishing Arcade menus

2) The addition of an achievement menu

3) New art for the remaining fish as well as additional environmental art

4) Treasure chests that you can reel in from the sea/lake floor to acquire accessories that further improve your fishing prowess.

5) Unique skills/overdrives for each character class to further customize your fishing experience.

Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.