Last Dream Fishing Arcade – Prototype v5

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We’ve made some significant changes to the Fishing Arcade since you saw it last, including:

  • An achievement menu to help track accomplishments
  • Major mechanics changes fish directional tracking, tension ranges for earning overdrive points, and re-cast and fish release abilities
  • Rework of user interface elements including the line tension bar, fish endurance bar, rank/upgrade point HUD, and overdrive bar
  • New art for Tier 3 Saltwater Fish
  • Multiple bug fixes

Our plan going forward includes:

  • Updating the remaining menus including the main fishing menu, the fishiary, the equipment upgrade menu, and item menu
  • Adding a controls menu as well as the ability to remap buttons
  • New art for the Tier 4 and 5 Saltwater Fish
  • New art for the alternate fishing locations
  • Treasure chests on the sea floor that you can reel in to acquire fishing accessories
  • Character-specific overdrives
  • Balancing fishing mechanics for more powerful fish