Last Dream Fishing Arcade – Prototype v7

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We have a major new update to the Last Dream Fishing Arcade to reveal in this new video. In the video, you’ll see some of the updates such as:

1) The introduction of Freshwater (Lake) environment art as well as freshwater fish (e.g. the Goldfish caught midway through the episode).

2) An improved Fishing Equipment upgrade menu along with unique art for each fishing rod and equipment upgrade.

3) An improved Accessory menu to show changes in attributes with different equipment.

4) An improved Fishiary menu to track all the fish you’ve caught including information on the largest size caught, the total number caught, and other vital information.

5) A new tournament feature (not shown) that allows you to compete against other NPC fishers to earn rewards.

6) New treasure contents that include a variety of items that temporarily boost your fishing prowess (similar to overdrives). In addition, an improved Item menu has been implemented.

7) A new mechanic where certain fish are only available under certain conditions (e.g. only during Thunderstorms). 

8) New messages in bottles that will give hints on when those certain fish that are only available under certain conditions.

9) New achievements for accessories, items, messages in bottles, and tournaments.

10) New polish elements such as crabs on the sea floor or Conch shells.

The only major remaining element that we’re still working on is the addition of character-specific overdrives. We’re midway through this addition and hope to have it complete within the next week at which point we’ll transition to game testing to make sure that everything flows smoothly throughout the progression of the Fishing Arcade.