Last Dream Fishing Arcade Trailer – Version #1

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It’s been a while since we’ve posted on the progress of the Last Dream Fishing Arcade, but we wanted to show you that we’ve been working on hard on its completion. The embedded video is very likely not the final version of the Last Dream Fishing Arcade trailer – it is only the first version – but it does demonstrate all the important aspects of the Last Dream Fishing Arcade that we wanted to show.

The Last Dream Fishing Arcade should be visible as “Coming Soon” on Steam very soon. We’ll make sure you’re aware through a special post once it’s gone live. As a reminder, all of our active Patrons at the time of release who have donated equal to or more than the cost of the Last Dream Fishing Arcade will receive the game for free!

In other news, in parallel with preparing the Fishing Arcade Trailer for steam, we have been getting the Mac OS and Linux builds of the Fishing Arcade ready for Steam. We also plan to release the Fishing Arcade on Mobile which will be our first time releasing on Android/Apple iOS.

Let us know what you think of the Last Dream Fishing Arcade Trailer! We’d love to hear from you.