Last Dream II Development Continues

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Last Dream II Development Continues

With the development of the Last Dream Fishing Arcade nearing completion, we are focusing our efforts once again on Last Dream II. We plan to release the Last Dream Fishing Arcade some during the middle of 2024. In addition, the Last Dream Fishing Arcade (with some minor modifications) will be completely integrated into Last Dream II whenever you decide to stop at a fishing spot.

During the Last Dream Fishing Arcade development, our graphic artist never stopped developing art for Last Dream II, especially for enemy battlers. The image shows a Minotaur – a mid-game enemy. You wouldn’t want to run into this guy in a dark alley.

Alongside the graphic art, our main effort is to complete the migration from Godot 3 to Godot 4. Co-developer Seth has made substantial effort on this front but there is still a significant amount of work that remains to make the game fully functional in Godot 4. We believe the additional effort to migrate will be worth it long run so that we can take advantage of the improvements in Godot 4 Tilemaps.

The above screenshot shows the current status of the “Prologue Selection” screen. There are several issues that are apparent such as “holes” in the Tilemap, improper “Y-Sorting” (e..g bushes on top of trees), dialogue box squishing, namebox misalignment, and other even more minor issues.  All of these issues were created due to changes in Godot 4 and should be relatively easy to fix, but we must still go through each map and make these corrections. When we’re done, we hope to recover the proper Prologue Selection screen seen below: