Last Dream II – Fishing Mini-Game – Version 2

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We wanted to share some of the updates that we’ve introduced into the Last Dream II fishing mini-game. Some of the major changes are:

1) Multiple fish of various strengths.

2) Added overall fishing menu where you can choose casting, upgrades, items, overdrives, and respawning.

3) Added fish exhaustion mechanism where fish must be worn down before they can be caught.

4) Added fishing items (chum and magic chum) that allow for a higher probability for powerful fish to spawn.

5) Added the ability to respawn fish in case you’ve caught all of the fish that you’re able to and want to get a new batch of fish.

6) Added the ability to upgrade your fishing equipment (in arcade mode) based on fishing points (which are earned based on the strength of fish caught).

7) We’re also working with our graphic artist to replace all of the art in the Fishing Mini-Game.

Up next on our list are overdrive abilities that we plan to add to give you a chance of catching more powerful fish. We’ll also continue to refine the balance and mechanics of the core fishing functionality.