Last Dream II World Map – Part 2

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Last Dream II World Map – Part 2

In our last post, we showed the early progress on the Last Dream II World Map. This post shows our latest progress which fully utilizes our existing World Map art. All major continents have now been created and some small islands have been added as well, although more are likely to be added later. In the last post, we focused on Meropis (the lower center continent), so in this post, we’ll show some closer looks at the other continents in the Last Dream II world of Gaia.

The continent of Thule is home to the nation of Vanheim. Only the port city of Ironwood near the northern tip has been added to the World Map. All other cities on the continent lack art at this time. The continent is far south and therefore the southern half is covered in year-round snow. Players who select either Leif (the Berserker) or Freya (the Summoner) will get to explore Thule during the character prologues.

The continent of Nysa is north of Thule and enjoys more moderate temperatures. None of the city art has been completed yet nor has any of the special dungeon art been completed. Players who select Elizabeth (the White Mage) or Copernicus (the Engineer) will get to explore Nysa during their character prologues. 

On the map of Nysa, you can see the light brown “dirt road” and the darker “cobblestone road” that connect the major cities of Nysa. While traveling the World Map, random encounters will be substantially lower when following roads than compared to the surrounding grassland. Venturing into the dense forests will lead to substantially higher encounter rates, but sometimes there is no choice to reach the more remote locations that house valuable treasure.