Last Dream: World Unknown is Now Available on Steam!

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Last Dream: World Unknown is now available on Steam. Get it 40% off for a limited time or pick up the Last Dream series bundle (Last Dream I & Last Dream: World Unknown) for over 55% off:

Last Dream: World Unknown is a classic style JRPG set in a huge non-linear world. Our teams’ goals were to immerse the player in a world of choice. From the outset of World Unknown, you can customize your party, difficulty, encounter rate, saving options, and much, much more! You are in control of your characters’ strengths and weaknesses against the epic adventures that await you!

• 45+ hours of dynamic gameplay
• 25+ additional hours of immersive side quests
• 1+ hour of interspersed flashbacks
• 225+ compositions from talented, independent artists
• 20 mind-bending puzzles
• 240+ tracked achievements
• 150 carefully-authored mini-stories to enjoy
• 750+ unique paths by virtue of the non-linear gameplay
• 900+ page comprehensive Strategy Guide and walkthrough!

You can download the 919-page Last Dream: World Unknown Strategy Guide here!