Skill Use Menu Redesign

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Skill Use Menu Redesign

Co-developer Seth has finished a redesign of the Skill Use Menu. This follows a similar redesign for the Skill Learn Menu and brings the two in-sync with similar styles with an advanced description menu for all skills. The built-in Godot ItemList functionality didn’t quite handle everything we wanted to do, so Seth had to create a new BetterItemList class to handle all of our menu needs.

The targeting menu for the Skill Use Menu was also updated as part of this redesign and is pictured above. After selecting a skill, you’ll transition to the targeting menu to select the party members you want to cast the skill on. In this case, the White Mage’s “Heal” skill was selected. The plan is that this targeting menu will largely be shared between the Skill Use and Item menus to keep a similar style throughout all of the Last Dream II menus.

Next time we hope to have an update on our progress with balancing the four completed character prologues.