Temple at Karnac Preview

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Temple at Karnac Preview

We’ve been hard at work updating art throughout the game and we’ve been able to utilize that new art in one of Magos’ prologue dungeons – the Temple at Karnac. We’re excited to show off the sandstone temple floors and walls as well as large dragon skeleton that Magos will encounter on his journey through the ruined temple.

In parallel, we’ve also been developing the cutscenes that tell the story of how Magos joins the party in Last Dream II. It all starts in the divided city of Akkad on the desert continent of Nibiru. Once we’re finished the prologue, we’ll record a playthrough of the first portion so you can see it for yourself.

 In other news, we will be live streaming the Last Dream Fishing Arcade in ~2 weeks on Steam as part of the Steam Next Fest. Check back in for another post soon that gives additional details on the time and how you can join in.