The Final Push

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townA swift 2 years later, what was once just a fun addition to our annual weeklong RPG and fitness Tournament, is now a viable commercial product wrapped in the four-person Partnership called White Giant RPG Studios, LLC.

Countless hours have been invested to craft this complex, challenging RPG that resurrects the best game elements from our childhoods. More than anything, we hope people will enjoy Last Dream with us.

Our strongly felt compulsion to perpetually refine the status algorithms, item titles, character arcs, etc. continues and yet, at some point we must simply force ourselves to declare Last Dream finished. Many people have kindly dedicated themselves to game testing, and even though our first game is nearly “finished” I expect that new players will uncover improvements we have not yet contemplated – such future feedback is heartily welcome: we are first-time game designers and we know the broader RPG community can help us fashion better games. In fact, we are counting on it for the success of the planned Last Dream Trilogy.

Thank you for your interest in Last Dream and we look forward to hearing from you.