Last Dream Fishing Arcade – Prototype v7

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We have a major new update to the Last Dream Fishing Arcade to reveal in this new video. In the video, you’ll see some of the updates such as:

1) The introduction of Freshwater (Lake) environment art as well as freshwater fish (e.g. the Goldfish caught midway through the episode).

2) An improved Fishing Equipment upgrade menu along with unique art for each fishing rod and equipment upgrade.

3) An improved Accessory menu to show changes in attributes with different equipment.

4) An improved ...

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New Fishing Equipment Art

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Sorry for the long gap since our last post! I was on vacation and am now sick which has delayed recent progress, but we are getting close to showing another new prototype of the Fishing Arcade. In the meantime, I wanted to show off some of the new art that our Graphic Artist created.

When you upgrade your fishing equipment, you’ll now see those updates reflected in the art! The “Bamboo Rod” (the first major fishing rod ...

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Last Dream Fishing Arcade – Prototype v6

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The latest addition to the Last Dream Fishing Arcade are treasures which can be reeled in like fish, but won’t be immediately accessible since the treasure chests are so heavy. With certain fishing equipment upgrades to your reeling power and line strength, you will be able to “catch” the treasure chests and acquire their prizes.

Currently, all treasure chests contain accessories. Your character can equip two accessories which increase one of ten different fishing variables including overdrive gain rate, fish endurance ...

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While we continue to work on new features in the Last Dream Fishing Arcade, we’re still making some headway on the side toward Last Dream II. Our graphic artist recently completed the art for a late-game enemy called a Demon. This fearsome creature will primarily utilize physical attacks but will also have access to a few powerful magic attacks.

We hope to have another update on the Fishing Arcade in a few days to share with you!

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Last Dream Fishing Arcade – Prototype v5

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We’ve made some significant changes to the Fishing Arcade since you saw it last, including:

  • An achievement menu to help track accomplishments
  • Major mechanics changes fish directional tracking, tension ranges for earning overdrive points, and re-cast and fish release abilities
  • Rework of user interface elements including the line tension bar, fish endurance bar, rank/upgrade point HUD, and overdrive bar
  • New art for Tier 3 Saltwater Fish
  • Multiple bug fixes

Our plan going forward includes:

  • Updating the remaining menus including the main fishing menu, the fishiary, the equipment ...
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Last Dream Fishing Arcade – Free for Patrons

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As a thank you to all of our Patrons, we’ll be offering free Steam keys for the Last Dream Fishing Arcade. Any active Patron a month prior to the planned release of the Last Dream Fishing Arcade will get a free Steam key. We would love to get your feedback on the Fishing Arcade prior to release!

At this point, we don’t not have a firm release date for the Last Dream Fishing Arcade, but development is rapidly progressing, and we ...

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Last Dream – Fishing Arcade – Prototype v4

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We’re continuing our work on the Last Dream Fishing Arcade and we’ve made substantial progress over the last week. Some of the major improvements that we’ve made are:

1) Unique difficulty levels from Easy to Hard as well as two unlockable difficulty levels for those that want an extra challenge.

2) Select any of the 12 Last Dream II characters, each of whom has different attributes for a unique fishing experience.

3) Select from 14 different fishing locations, each with unique music and ...

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Last Dream Fishing Arcade – Prototype v3

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We’re continuing to polish and improve the Last Dream Fishing Arcade which we plan to include both as a mini-game in Last Dream II, but also as a standalone title. Some of the recent improvements include:

  • Improving environment and fish art
  • Adding fishing shadows until you’ve caught a particular type of fish
  • Added fishing overdrives that allow you to build up “Overdrive Points” and then use them to more easily catch powerful fish.
  • All fish tiers (rather than just the first tier) are now ...
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Fishing Mini-Game: New Art & Overdrives

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We’ve been working closely with our graphic artist to produce new environmental art for the Last Dream II Fishing Mini-Game. In the image, you can see screenshot featuring the new clouds and the new cliff face! Not shown is a new seafloor along with new decorations like seaweed, sea shells, starfish, etc.

Next up on the art list will be replacing the ocean water and finally the major task of creating unique fish sprites for each of the fish in both ...

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Last Dream II – Fishing Mini-Game – Version 2

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We wanted to share some of the updates that we’ve introduced into the Last Dream II fishing mini-game. Some of the major changes are:

1) Multiple fish of various strengths.

2) Added overall fishing menu where you can choose casting, upgrades, items, overdrives, and respawning.

3) Added fish exhaustion mechanism where fish must be worn down before they can be caught.

4) Added fishing items (chum and magic chum) that allow for a higher probability for powerful fish to spawn.

5) Added the ability to ...

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